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Student Responses/Replies for Digital Forensics

Reply 1 Hello, I am really impressed with the way you have explained your ideas. It is evident that you did enough research on the tools you have discussed. All the tools you discussed are widely known for their effectiveness when it comes to analyzing and conducting forensic investigations. Each tool has unique functionalities that might have an edge over the other. Some offer the capabilities of analyzing large amounts of data without any limits and I’m impressed that you captured those. It is important to note that the tools you have mentioned are widely used in the industry during the conduction of investigations as far as forensic data is concerned. Reply 2 Hey, there are many things in your discussion that have impressed me. You have discussed other additional tools which are not common to the other discussions. Wireshark for instance is a great tool and its capabilities go beyond imagination. Another thing is that you have clearly explained your points in detail. It is easy for anyone to understand your discussion and that is impressive. Encase is another great tool that is widely used in the industry today and I’m glad you captured that in your discussion. Moreover, the flow of your ideas is smooth, and one can note that you did extensive research.

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